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Medical Malpractice

Study: Nearly half of surgeries may expose patients to medication errors

During complex medical procedures such as surgery, even small errors can have catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately, research suggests that one potentially dangerous type of mistake occurs during roughly one out of every two surgeries performed in Atlanta. According to a recently published study, potentially dangerous or harmful medication errors may occur in almost half of all surgical procedures.

Missed, delayed or wrong diagnosis put patients’ health at grave risk

Diagnostic errors, such as missed, wrong or delayed diagnoses, are generally preventable but occur all too frequently leading to patient injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Are You Prepared for the Springtime Surge in Car Accidents?

The annual event of “April showers” doesn’t just result in “May flowers” anymore. This rain-soaked time of the year can also yield slippery road surfaces, wet piles of long-ago-fallen leaves, puddles, standing pools of water, potholes/roadway damage, flooding and other issues that can cause car accidents resulting in serious injury or even death for many unlucky Georgia motorists.

Georgia Bars May Be Liable for Passengers Injured in Drunk Driving Accidents

Recently, a group of friends’ night out at a bar in southwest Atlanta ended in a deadly crash. After allegedly becoming intoxicated, one individual wanted to drive her friend home. The security guard at the bar noticed she was under the influence of alcohol, however, and took away her car keys.

Motorcyclists’ Risks Increase During Summer Months

This summer and going into the fall, many motorcyclists are sure to be on roadways throughout Georgia, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful scenery. For motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing can be better than the freedom of the open road and the speed and maneuverability of their bikes. However, motorcycle riders face many risks that aren’t shared by other drivers on the road. A great portion of these risks are, in fact, due to other drivers.

Children At Risk Of Pedestrian Accidents With School In Session

With school starting, children will be walking to and from school or the bus, and can be at an increased risk of getting hit by a car.

Pedestrian Fatalities Continue to Rise Throughout Georgia

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Georgia and experts say pedestrians are at a much higher risk in the state compared to other areas of the country.

Truck Driver Involved in Fatal Collision May Have Had Sleep Apnea

The recent crash along Interstate 16 that led to the deaths of five young nursing students may have been linked to drowsy driving, according to the Savannah Morning News.

Cellphones Dangers Go Beyond Texting and Driving

There is no question that when drivers choose to text while behind the wheel, the consequences can be disastrous. That is why 46 states in the nation, including Georgia, have enacted legislation banning texting and driving.

Survey Suggests Teens Aren’t the Only Dangerously Distracted Drivers

Many people perceive distracted driving largely as a problem for younger drivers who grew up using technology such as cell phones. However, a recent survey from AAA suggests that inattention is just as common among older drivers.

Criminal Charges Filed Against Trucker Who Killed Mom

A commercial semi-truck driver has officially been charged with multiple criminal offenses in the death of a 31-year old woman. reports that the incident occurred in on Highway 41 in Emerson and impairment due to drugs is suspected on the part of the driver.

Product Liability

Defective Toys Can Lead to Children Sustaining Serious Eye Injuries

As children in Georgia and across the country enjoy all of the new toys they received during the holiday season, parents would be wise to ensure the toys are age appropriate and being used properly by their youngsters.

Georgia Family Refiles Lawsuit Against GM After Congressional Testimony

Unusual legal move follows settlement that was reached in September
The family of a woman who was killed in a 2010 car crash linked to defective automotive parts has re-filed their lawsuit against carmaker General Motors, according to USA Today.

Georgia Man Launches Lawsuit Alleging Testosterone Heart Attack

Lawsuit alleges that manufacturer misled about potential side effects
A Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Fortesta gel, a testosterone supplement, according to Lawyers and Settlements.


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