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Motorcyclists’ risks increase during summer months

Motorcyclists face a number of risks that make summer riding especially hazardous.

This summer and going into the fall, many motorcyclists are sure to be on roadways throughout Georgia, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful scenery. For motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing can be better than the freedom of the open road and the speed and maneuverability of their bikes. However, motorcycle riders face many risks that aren’t shared by other drivers on the road. A great portion of these risks are, in fact, due to other drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 134 motorcycle fatalities in Georgia in 2012. Fatal motorcycle accidents have been increasing throughout the U.S. in recent years, say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This may be due in part to an increase in newer, less-experienced motorcyclists, but other drivers may not realize how easy it is to miss seeing a motorcyclist sharing the road. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, and may be easily missed in a driver’s blind spot or mirror. Drivers also may not understand that motorcycles maneuver differently than larger vehicles.

Atlanta motorcyclist killed

Motorcyclists are often hit by drivers who are attempting to switch lanes or turn into traffic and don’t see them approaching. This appeared to be the case in a recent accident in Atlanta, when a driver executed a U-turn in front of a motorcycle. CBS 46 reported that the motorcyclist hit the other vehicle’s driver’s side and flew off his bike. Tragically, he died in the hospital, and authorities expected to file charges against the other driver.

Seasonal factors that can put bikers at risk

According to Esurance, the summer months can be dangerous for all traffic. In 2012, there were more than 3,000 fatal accidents across the country for each month in June, July and August. These factors during summer driving can make roadways especially dangerous for motorcyclists:

  • More traffic congestion due to vacations and road trips.
  • More teenage drivers on the roads.
  • Active construction zones.
  • An increase in motorcycles on the roads.

Motorcyclists also face more risks than other drivers because their bikes can quickly lose control in such situations as heavy traffic, unfamiliar construction changes, bad roads and sudden traffic stops. Other drivers often don’t realize these facts about operating a motorcycle, and may not give bikers the extra room they need for stopping and other hazardous traffic situations.

Contacting an attorney

Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries for the motorcyclist, long recovery times and expensive medical bills. If you’ve been injured by another driver in a motorcycle crash, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options.

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