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Extra caution needed at Georgia intersections

Every time you get behind the wheel to drive on a Georgia roadway, there's a certain amount of risk involved. You may be a cautious driver who adheres to traffic regulations. However, there's no guarantee that those with whom you share the road at a given point in time will have safe driving habits. Some sections of road are typically more dangerous than others, such as intersections.

Marked and unmarked intersections are throughout the state. When you arrive at a crossroad, there may be one or more other vehicles there as well. There might also be pedestrians in the area, such as people crossing the street, children playing nearby or bicyclists. The presence of pedestrians increases the risk for collision.

This form of distracted driving doesn't get enough attention

If you are like a lot of other Atlanta residents, you are aware of the dangers of using your cell phone or other electronic devices while driving. You may even make sure that you stay off your devices as you travel.

However, you may not think twice about engaging in an underrated form of distraction that can cause accidents just as easily as using an electronic device -- eating while driving. In today's fast-paced world, most people have eaten as they commute to work, run errands or travel, even though it presents a very real danger to everyone.

Packers DL arrested in Georgia

On Tuesday, May 19, police in Georgia took Montravius Adams, a defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers, into custody. The crimes for which he stands accused include possession of marijuana, expired vehicle registration and driving without insurance. After arresting him, authorities transferred the NFL player to the Houston County Detention Center where he stayed for a short time before being released on bond.

The arrest of this Georgia native has the ability to negatively impact his life in several ways. This would be true even if he were without his professional athlete status. Thankfully, he does have the right to defend himself, and that is something he does not have to do alone. 

Misdiagnosis can be a significant problems for patients

When you go to the doctor, you assume you'll get the medical care you need. The beginning of this process is getting an accurate diagnosis of your medical condition. Without knowing what problem you have, it will be impossible to get effective treatment, appropriate medication and support during your healing process.

You trust the doctors and care providers you see, but what happens when they make a mistake? Misdiagnosis is an issue that can cause problems for patients, leading to a worsening of a medical condition, prolonged suffering and other complications. Misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis is a type of medical malpractice, and it could be grounds for a civil claim against the care provider. If you think you have a case, you may want to seek help regarding your legal options.

Are pets in vehicles a danger to driving?

When you think of animals causing car accidents, you may think of an animal running into the roadway and a person swerving to avoid it and crashing. While this type of scenario could certainly cause a serious crash, it is not only animals outside of vehicles that could contribute to accidents.

Do you travel with your pet? If you answer yes, you are among a group of numerous drivers in Georgia and across the country who do. Many people would never dream of leaving a dog behind while they went on vacation or even for a short trip to run an errand. While loading up a pup in the car and spending quality time together can certainly be a good thing, it is important to remember that dogs can be distracting when inside a vehicle.

The Constitution protects you from illegal search and seizures

Every person has certain constitutional rights that protect him or her from unfair and unreasonable treatment by the government. One of those things is the freedom from illegal search and seizures by law enforcement. The Fourth Amendment is particularly important to understand when under investigation for alleged criminal activity or when interacting with law enforcement. 

The Fourth Amendment specifically protects a person's personal privacy and shields against invasive and inappropriate searches of places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. It also offers protection against an arrest without probable cause or apprehension of a person without reason. Arrests, searches and seizures of evidence can only happen in specific circumstances for a clear reason. 

Misdiagnosis is not easy to recognize

It is not unusual for even diligent doctors to make mistakes when diagnosing an illness. Diagnostics is often a guessing game or a process of elimination that allows doctors to narrow down the cause of your symptoms. However, not every doctor has the time or the interest in chasing down an accurate diagnosis, and this may result in devastating consequences for a patient.

If you feel as if your doctor may have gotten your diagnosis wrong, you may be uncertain how to proceed. After all, doctors have years of education, training and experience, and you have only the internet. Nevertheless, you can be your best advocate if you arm yourself with as much information as possible and recognize when your doctor may have made a critical error in your diagnosis.

Busting numerous drunk driving myths

You and your family are likely enjoying the holiday season, perhaps traveling to see relatives and friends a bit more than usual. This means you're no doubt going to encounter some dangerous situations on Georgia roadways, especially if distracted or drunk drivers are in your midst. Those who disregard traffic laws and regulations by getting behind the wheel to drive while under the influence of alcohol are menaces to all motorists and pedestrians.

The problem is that many people misguidedly believe certain myths and falsehoods about drunk driving. It's important to make sure you obtain information from legitimate sources and that you clearly understand the possible ramifications of driving under the influence. It's also important to know your rights and how to protect them if a drunk driver hits you.

Will you be traveling this holiday season?

With Thanksgiving nearly here and Christmas just around the corner, you and many other Georgia residents may have some traveling to do in the coming weeks. If you are married, you may have multiple trips to multiple family houses to get to, and even if you are not married, you may plan to go back home and visit your own family for both holidays or others.

You may anticipate this travel every year, but it is still important to go over your plans before you hit the road. The holiday season often means that the roads are even busier than usual, so making sure you have everything in order can help you stay focused on driving.

Common types of white collar crime charges

Conviction of any type of crime could lead to serious penalties and consequences that could alter the course of your life. No matter the type of charges you are facing, you would be wise to take your case seriously and defend yourself against the accusations brought by the prosecution. This is important, whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or allegations that involve federal-level criminal charges.

White collar crimes are serious criminal offenses, yet it is possible to overlook the severity of these types of charges. This is because these are financially motivated, and they can often seem like victimless crimes. When white collar crime does take place, it is often over a computer or through a scheme that involves little to no personal contact. Despite the lack of a personal or violent element to these crimes, the government takes these cases seriously.

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