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Is your landlord looking out for your protection?

Living in an apartment building or complex has its good and bad points. Of course, one negative is that you may have to deal with noise, trash and lack of consideration from your neighbors. Parking may be a challenge, and using the communal laundry facilities may be frustrating.

However, it's nice to know you can call the landlord or building owner if something breaks or you have an emergency. A good landlord will take care of things promptly and work to provide a comfortable place for his or her tenants. A large part of that comfort includes feeling safe in and around the building.

Collision injuries delayed? Don't delay in seeking justice

As you embark on your morning commute to your workplace, you enjoy the view of the sunrise over the city as you simultaneously sip some refreshing coffee. However, all of a sudden, the sound of twisting metal enters your ears. You have just been involved in a car accident.

Sometimes, this type of collision occurs in Georgia due to the negligence of another driver, and it leaves you with injuries that either occur immediately or later. If you end up suffering injuries due to another motorist's carelessness, you have the right to seek to hold him or her accountable for them.

Drug distribution charges don't have to spell a life sentence

Being arrested for drug possession is understandably scary. However, if you are arrested for trafficking or distributing drugs, this can be an even more frightening experience due to the more serious nature of this crime.

Drug distribution or trafficking laws in Georgia make it illegal to sell, transport, and import illicit controlled substances, including methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy) and marijuana. If you face drug trafficking charges, it is your right to defend yourself against such charges.

A rear-end accident can be a pain in the rear: seek justice

As you drive to work, you bump your head to the music you're listening to as you think through the tasks you will have to complete that day. All of a sudden, though, you hear the sound of crunching steel, and your head ends up moving back and forth violently. You have just been rear ended.

In some cases, a rear-end accident leading to serious injuries in Georgia is the result of the carelessness of another driver. For instance, perhaps your fellow driver was trying to text and drive -- or, engaging in distracted driving -- when he or she hit and injured you. In this situation, a few steps can help you to protect your legal rights in the long run.

Challenging possession charges with the assistance of an attorney

A conviction for a drug-related crime can create numerous hardships in life. Allegations alone could do a great deal of damage to your reputation within the community, which can be challenging enough as is. Even in crimes that carry lesser penalties, if convicted, you may have trouble obtaining or retaining employment in certain fields in the future, which can, in turn, impact other areas of your life as well.

Perhaps you are staring down charges for drug possession and subsequently wondering what will happen next. When facing such potentially devastating consequences, you might wish to challenge the charges against you and protect your future, but the process can be extremely intimidating, especially with no previous experience in the area.

Hit by a car as a pedestrian? Walk this way for compensation

Countless individuals have suffered serious injuries in car accidents over the years. These incidents don't always consist of two or more vehicles. Pedestrian accidents occur more often than you might think, and even though they mostly occur in densely populated areas, they can take place anywhere. They may also be significantly more dangerous as the pedestrian.

Perhaps you were out walking and upon coming to an intersection, began to make your way across the street via the crosswalk. Suddenly, a car comes out of nowhere, and you wake up the following day in a hospital bed. If you believe you were within your rights as a pedestrian at the time, you may consider your legal options moving forward.

Civil claim for wrongful death differs from criminal charges

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, the circumstances of that fatal event could determine whether the individual considered at fault for the accident faces criminal charges. If the responsible driver had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel, failed to obey traffic laws or took part in other unlawful actions that led to the death, criminal charges often occur. You may feel some sense of vindication if authorities charge the at-fault driver.

You may wish to remember, however, that, due to the different types of law, you have the option to pursue a civil claim in addition to any criminal proceedings that may take place.

How one date can ruin your life

If the first date went well, you probably made plans to meet again. Maybe you got together at a mixer or party, and things seemed to be comfortable between you. When campus officials notified you that the person with whom you had been spending time reported you for sexual assault, you were shocked.

For the children's sake

You spent half the year reading consumer magazines, studying online customer reviews and scouring headlines for that hot ticket item your child hoped to find under the Christmas tree. Perhaps you even made a special occasion out of going to purchase it or had fun hiding it in the back of your closet when it arrived on a delivery truck. You understand holidays have meaning beyond the gifts, yet you were really enjoying planning a big surprise.

Christmas morning came, and it all unfolded without a hitch. That is, until your child tried to play with the new toy. Something went very wrong. You read all labels and instructions carefully, but as soon as your child tried to use the toy, your joyful Christmas scene turned tragic.

Marijuana and the law in Georgia

The 2016 election cycle has been an important one for marijuana law reform. Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and California all passed legislation that legalized the medical and recreational use of cannabis. Voters in Florida, Montana, North Dakota, and Arkansas have all approved legislation that either legalized the medical use of cannabis or loosened the restrictions for the medical use of the drug. As of right now, the majority of the United States (28 including the District of Columbia) has legalized use of marijuana for medical and/or recreational use.

With all of these changes to existing marijuana laws taking place, it is important to be familiar with your own states particular rules and regulations. The state of Georgia has relatively strict laws governing the use of cannabis, but it can be legally used in some situations.

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