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Police lineups can lead to wrongful convictions

Facing charges for a violent crime means your future is at risk. The penalties for violent crimes can include years or even decades behind bars, not to mention a criminal record that will likely impede you from pursuing most career paths.

Police investigations into violent crimes such as assault, murder and rape often include interviews with people who claim to have witnessed the crime or to have seen someone suspicious at the time the incident occurred. Such interviews may culminate with a police lineup, and here is where your rights may suffer the most harm.

Be cautious regarding information you share after a car accident

Driving in Georgia isn't always pleasant. High-traffic areas can be busy and chaotic, especially if aggressive or negligent drivers are sharing the road. No matter how safe you drive, your life can change in an instant if a nearby motorist is distracted.

If another vehicle collides with yours, the next moments could be some of the most stressful experiences in your life. It's understandable that you'd feel shaken. However, it is important to know how to react. By planning ahead, you will know what to do immediately following an accident.

A couple of tools can help you to prove fault in vehicle crash

Experiencing a car wreck can understandably be frightening. At the same time, the car crash may make you feel frustrated if it stemmed from another motorist's careless driving.

If someone else's negligence on the road has resulted in serious injuries to you, you have the right to seek justice in a Georgia civil court. Here is a glimpse at a couple of tools you can use to strengthen your court case and thus increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.

Whom to hold accountable after a drunk driving accident

Did a drunk driver hit you or a loved one? Did you suffer injuries or the loss of a dear family member? If you did, you may have legal recourse, but who can you hold accountable after a drunk driving accident? Just the driver, or is there anyone else?

In the Atlanta area, there is no shortage of bars and other establishments that serve alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with these places existing, what is wrong is when the staff members at these businesses over-serve their patrons and then send them on their way. This presents a great threat to public safety.

Drug possession in Georgia can have stiff consequences

Being taken into custody for possessing any type of illegal drug can understandably be unsettling, even embarrassing. Naturally, you may wonder who will find out about your arrest and if it will affect your reputation and your freedom.

Fortunately, if you face a drug possession charge, you are presumed innocent until and unless the prosecution can prove your guilt in a court of law. Here is a look at what you can expect if authorities accuse you of drug possession in Georgia:

You can pursue various damages following Georgia crash

You make your way down the highway to get your busy day started. However, seemingly out of the blue, another driver strikes you and injures you. All of a sudden, your busy day takes a backseat to your pain.

Sometimes, these types of accidents in Georgia occur due to the carelessness of another motorist behind the wheel. In this situation, you have the right to seek the reimbursement of damages sustained in the car wreck. Here is a glimpse at the various kinds of damages you may legally pursue as part of a personal injury claim in The Peach State.

Did an unlawfully executed search lead to your arrest?

You may recall the stress and fear you felt the day Georgia police officers took you into custody on suspicion that you had committed a drug crime. Calling home to tell your family you were in jail and trying to come up with enough money to post bail may be among your worst lifetime memories. However, you understand the gravity of your situation and would now like to focus on how to build as strong a defense as possible to avoid conviction.  

Building a strong defense often begins at the scene of a preliminary investigation. Police officers are not free to do and say whatever they like when they pull you over in a traffic stop or knock on your front door at home. By thinking back to the events that led to your arrest and knowing where to seek support to help you strategize before heading to court, you may be able to mitigate your circumstances. 

Distracted driving poses a considerable risk to travelers

Distraction happens many times during the course of the day. One minute, you may have your focus on your work, only to realize that you have begun thinking about what to have for lunch. While common, distraction can prove immensely dangerous under certain circumstances, especially while driving.

You may already know some issues that can lead to distracted driving, like daydreaming or using a cell phone. However, these are only two of a vast number of factors that could cause your mind and the minds of other drivers to lose focus on driving.

If you experience any of these symptoms in a crash, don't move

You probably never saw it coming. Your first indication that something horrific was happening came when you heard the sound of crunching metal, felt your body being jerked in every direction at once and smelled antifreeze, gasoline or motor oil all around you.

By the time you realized that another vehicle crashed into yours, your vehicle finally came to a stop. Your brain began processing the information around you, almost in slow motion at first. Then everything began speeding up and you could see and hear clearly again.

Take note: A motor vehicle wreck doesn't have to wreck your life

You have just been involved in a car accident, and naturally, you feel shaken up. You try to get your bearings and figure out how the accident could have happened. You eventually realize that another motorist's careless behavior behind the wheel caused your accident.

Although taking notes following the crash is most likely not at the top of your to-do list, it is an incredibly important step for protecting your best interest long term. Here is a look at how to go about note-taking following a collision that has caused you to suffer injuries.

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