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Woman files lawsuit after falling at Taco Bell

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2013 | Premises Liability |

Business owners in Atlanta have a duty to their customers to do everything in their power to ensure their safety while they are on the business’ property. This includes making sure that the proper warning signs are in place if the floors are wet from mopping or customers tracking in water, reducing the risks of customers slipping and falling and removing all tripping or safety hazards. These precautions can ensure that customers have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience and will continue to come back to the company for their future business needs.

A woman who was visiting a Taco Bell recently claims that she was hurt because of unsafe conditions on the premises. She went to the restaurant on August 22 with her sons. At some point while she was there, her feet or walker became caught on one of the floor rugs inside, causing her to trip. She fell and was injured, although the extent of her injuries is unknown.

The woman retained a lawyer and filed a premises liability lawsuit on October 21 against Charter Foods Inc., who was doing business as Taco Bell. In the lawsuit, the woman claims that the restaurant was negligent and therefore should be responsible for her injuries. The amount of damages she is going for is undisclosed.

Because of the apparent negligence of the owners of the Taco Bell, this woman sustained injuries through no fault of her own. Hopefully her lawsuit will enable her to receive the proper compensation for her pain and suffering and medical bills.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Woman files slip-and-fall lawsuit against Taco Bell,” Joel Brakken, Nov. 1, 2013


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