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Woman wins malpractice case against plastic surgeon

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Medical Malpractice |

Whether a person undergoes an elective or medically necessary surgery in Fulton County, Georgia, he or she expects that the surgeon will use the utmost professionalism and care. Just because a person chooses to have an elective surgery does not mean he or she forfeits the right to proper care.

A woman who underwent an elective cosmetic surgery in June 2009 sued her doctor for medical malpractice and was recently awarded $1.3 million. After the tummy tuck, the woman, who was almost 40 years old at the time, noticed drainage that was dark and experienced painful burning sensations and clots. The surgeon prescribed ointment and pain medication, but did not refer her to a specialist for her wound, despite her asking him to do so.

Although the wound became infected and more painful by late July 2009, the surgeon still did not refer her to a wound specialist. The woman finally sought care at an emergency room where she was sent to a wound care clinic. It was there that she found out she had a staph infection, requiring her to stay in the hospital for nearly a week.

The woman continues to take medications and see doctors who specialize in infectious disease control. As a result of the surgeon’s negligence, she has a large scarred area with deformed tissue that continues to cause her pain.

Had the surgeon diagnosed her infection earlier, the woman may have been saved from all her medical issues. Although she is pleased with the jury’s verdict, she says that the money cannot give her back her health.

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