Identifying concussions post-accident

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Car accidents can cause a number of injuries that may not be obvious from the start. Concussions are a potential hidden injury with delayed or latent symptoms. Georgia drivers should therefore be vigilant for signs of a concussion post-accident.

WebMD states that there are several signs to look for when it comes to potential concussions. These symptoms are often divided into physical, emotional and mental categories. Physical signs can be similar to migraine symptoms and may include:

  •          Light sensitivity, headaches or blurry vision
  •          Dizziness, vomiting and nausea
  •          Lethargy

Additionally, sufferers of concussions can have a difficult time falling asleep, or they may be prone to sleeping more than they usually do. Mental and emotional symptoms can include:

  •          Inability to concentrate or remember things
  •          Unable to think clearly, feeling “slowed down”
  •          Increased anxiety or quick agitation

Sufferers of concussions often complain that they do not feel “like themselves” or that they are acting different than they usually do.  Additionally, Brain Line states that signs and symptoms of concussions can show up days or weeks after the initial injury occurred. Just because people don’t feel the symptoms immediately, that does not mean that they were not concussed in the accident. Close attention should be paid throughout the recovery period.

One final myth involves the belief that concussions are the result of hard hits that cause people to black out. However, medical science shows that concussions can occur even if consciousness is retained the entire time. This should also be kept in mind when on the lookout for concussive symptoms.



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