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Tips for being a safe driver

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Not all accidents can be avoided, but drivers in Georgia can still exercise safe driving habits as a preventative measure. By monitoring their own driving and how they behave on the road, people cut down on their chances of being involved in accidents.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration says that it is important to plan ahead of time. This means that one should:

  •          Know the surroundings and have routes mapped out in advance
  •          Leave in a timely fashion
  •          Check vehicles frequently for issues
  •          Perform regular vehicular maintenance

Knowing where to go allows drivers to go to their destination without worrying about getting lost. For the same reason, drivers who leave early won’t have to speed, which should be avoided in all situations because it raises the chances of getting into an accident. Vehicles that are maintained will not break down while on the road, either.

Being a courteous driver can also prevent accidents. Courteous driving includes:

  •          Sharing the road space
  •          Keeping a safe distance from other cars
  •          Signaling to let other drivers know about turns or lane changes

Cutting down on surprises and giving everyone room will give drivers more reaction time, making the road safer.

Finally, End Distracted Driving states that all distractions should be avoided while on the road. Distracted driving includes texting, calling, applying makeup, changing CDs or adjusting music, or having involved conversations with passengers. If something needs to be done, drivers should pull over to do it. Drivers who exercise these practices can lower their own chances of causing or being involved in accidents, making the roads safer for everyone.


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