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Emergency treatment of fractured bones

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents can leave the driver or passengers injured and unable to care for themselves. Because of this, Georgians may wish to have basic first-aid knowledge when it comes to the treatment of injuries such as broken or fractured bones so they can help others in need at the scene of an accident.

Emergency treatment is not meant to substitute for professional care. However, it can help an injured person feel more comfortable and can potentially help them until emergency care arrives. The Mayo Clinic states that there are several steps to take when helping a person with a fracture. The steps are as follows:

  •          Stop any bleeding
  •          Apply ice to reduce swelling
  •          Immobilize the injured area

Bleeding can be stopped by applying a clean bandage or piece of clothing. If ice is applied to the injury, it should be wrapped in a towel or fabric first. Direct contact on the skin can cause ice burns and pain. Additionally, it is not advisable to attempt realigning any bones or to try sticking a bone back into the body if it has protruded through the skin.

Those who have more medical knowledge can apply a splint in order to help reduce movement and discomfort. Splints should be applied above and below the break point. There is also the possibility that someone with broken bones will go into shock. Healthline states that shock can be treated by having the person lay on the ground with their feet elevated about 12 inches in the air. They should be covered to keep warm, if possible.


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