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The definition and effects of inadequate property security

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Premises Liability |

When you are on someone else’s property in Georgia, the property owner is responsible for providing adequate security. However, we at Garland, Samuel & Loeb understand that security isn’t always up to standard. In situations like this, you may suffer unnecessary harm or loss.

Security on any property can be considered inadequate if there is a lack of proper security standards, or if the set standards are not followed. Examples can include areas without security personnel or police officers, places with low or poor lighting, or locations that have no surveillance cameras. There are also many different public locations which can suffer from inadequate security. Some locations are:

  •          Apartments
  •          Hotels
  •          Restaurants
  •          Amusement parks
  •          Malls
  •          Parking lots

When security is lax in these public areas, robberies or sexual assault may occur. If it is known that there is not much security at certain locations, it is also possible for potential attacks to become more frequent or violent. For example, parking lots that are known for having minimal security are often used to coordinate crime, such as drug deals. They also have a much higher number of assault and theft cases than parking lots that have plenty of lighting or frequent security patrols. This is due to the fact that people believe they can get away with more without the risk of being caught.

Entering any area that lacks in security can come with these potentially harmful consequences, and for that reason, you should be aware of the potential dangers you may face. For more information, please visit our web page.


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