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What precautions can you taken to avoid a boating accident?

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Georgian boaters such as yourself enjoy being out on the water for sport or leisure. However, boats can be as dangerous as any other motor operated vehicle. This means boating accidents also have the potential of being severe, or even life threatening. How can you minimize these possible risks?

The absolute best way to prevent a severe boating accident is preparation. says that having a prepared list of items to check off before disembarking can make all of the difference. Items should primarily feature the physical maintenance of the boat. For example, things you should check before setting sail include:

  •          Drain plugs
  •          Fenders and dock lines
  •          Oil and fuel levels

The engine should be maintained carefully even when the boat is not in use. However, it is important to check the bilges for leaks, and to check the engine for loose wiring before starting it up. This is even more important if you haven’t used your boat for a while, even if you have run maintenance on it during its time of disuse.

You should also pay attention to your surroundings even after every item on your checklist has been crossed out. For example, if you smell strange fumes after starting up the engine, you should not proceed with your plans as this could mean a fuel leak or other potentially hazardous situation. The gauges should be monitored throughout the ride, and your steering should be carefully inspected as well.

If any problems arise during your trip, the best thing to do is try to pull out of the way of any sailing paths so you can safely address the issues with minimal worry about collisions.


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