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Helping a child who is injured

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Just as child is not just a little adult, so are injuries suffered by a child in an accident different from those suffered by an adult. Children may heal faster than adults, but they often experience more physiological trauma from the accident.

Children who are injured in accidents may need help dealing the aftereffects of a serious injury. If another party is responsible for your child’s injury, the civil justice system may provide a way for parents to recover the financial resources to pay for that help.

What is different when a child is injured?

When a child is injured in an accident, there are several differences in how the child may recover from his or her injuries.

  • If the child suffers disfigurement, he or she may endure years of teasing at school.
  • If the child needs plastic or corrective surgery, the doctor may not perform surgery until the child is grown. As a result, money will need to be set aside for the future.
  • The child may need counseling to overcome fears from the accident (for example, fear of dogs if the child is the victim of a dog bite attack).

What compensation is available for a child injured in Georgia

Compensation for a child injured by the negligence of another may include:

  • Future medical expenses after the child reaches age 18
  • Pain and suffering
  • Income loss that would occur after the child reaches age 18

What compensation can parents recover?

Georgia parents can recover compensation for:

  • Medical and other expenses related to the injury until the child reaches age 18
  • Loss of the child’s services

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