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Challenging possession charges with the assistance of an attorney

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A conviction for a drug-related crime can create numerous hardships in life. Allegations alone could do a great deal of damage to your reputation within the community, which can be challenging enough as is. Even in crimes that carry lesser penalties, if convicted, you may have trouble obtaining or retaining employment in certain fields in the future, which can, in turn, impact other areas of your life as well.

Perhaps you are staring down charges for drug possession and subsequently wondering what will happen next. When facing such potentially devastating consequences, you might wish to challenge the charges against you and protect your future, but the process can be extremely intimidating, especially with no previous experience in the area.

Challenging drug possession charges

With numerous key aspects involved in the process of challenging drug possession charges, there are several ways to approach the process. Perhaps you maintain your innocence concerning some or all the pending charges, but you are uncertain how to prove this during court proceedings. When seeking to combat possession charges, there are a few strategies for defense that are more common than others, which often include the following:

  • Proof of possession: Even if drugs were allegedly in your car or at your place of residence at the time of the search, you might have been unaware of their presence, or they might have even belonged to another individual.
  • Analysis of drug: In some cases, a substance may appear to be drugs, when it is something else entirely, and a crime lab analysis will often determine this factor.
  • Lack of evidence: When entering court proceedings, prosecutors often have a duty to produce the evidence, such as the drugs, of which you were allegedly in possession, and failure to do so could result in the dismissal of your case.
  • Violation of rights: Every individual has rights that cannot be ignored during the search procedure, and a violation of these could result in a dismissal of charges as well.

In some rare cases, drug charges may arise through entrapment or planted evidence, both of which are illegal. Regardless of the circumstances around your arrest, you probably wish to avoid unnecessary consequences, potentially sparking a need for assistance moving forward.

Assistance throughout the process

With the potential weight of the penalties for drug charges, a strong defense is often crucial to protecting the future of an accused individual. With numerous crucial aspects to address during this period, chances are, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the process, but you do not have to go through it alone.

By speaking with an attorney with extensive knowledge of federal and Georgia state drug possession laws, you might be able to obtain some much-needed guidance for the road ahead. An attorney can thoroughly examine the charges and evidence against you and assist in forming a strong strategy for defense, which could help reduce the charges against you, or in some cases, get them dropped altogether.


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