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Drug distribution charges don’t have to spell a life sentence

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Being arrested for drug possession is understandably scary. However, if you are arrested for trafficking or distributing drugs, this can be an even more frightening experience due to the more serious nature of this crime.

Drug distribution or trafficking laws in Georgia make it illegal to sell, transport, and import illicit controlled substances, including methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy) and marijuana. If you face drug trafficking charges, it is your right to defend yourself against such charges.


You may face a charge of drug trafficking, which is a felony charge, if police find you with a large quantity of cash or drugs when they arrest you. Likewise, if police discover that you have drugs, rather than facing a charge of mere drug possession, you may face a charge of trafficking if the police believe that you were intending to sell the drugs. Drug distribution also applies to illegally distributing prescription drugs — for instance, sleeping pills or pain killers.

State and federal levels

Both state and federal laws play a role in a case involving drug trafficking. Not only does Georgia have its own set of laws regarding drugs but also a wide range of federal drug-related laws are on the books. Even though lawmakers usually pass such laws to keep major drug cartels at bay, lower-level dealers are often the ones who end up facing prosecution.


If convicted of drug distribution, your punishment will depend on various factors, such as the amount of drugs and type of drug involved, the geographic area involved and whether you were trying to target children. A sentence for drug trafficking generally ranges from three to five years to life behind prison bars. In addition, you may experience the seizing of your assets along with a destroyed reputation.

However, no matter what charges you face in Georgia, it is possible for you to get your drug distribution charges reduced or even eliminated altogether. After all, when it comes to search and seizure, sometimes police commit violations that may end up causing your case to be thrown out. Fortunately, an understanding of the law may help you to aggressively fight drug distribution charges in an effort to preserve your reputation, your freedom and your future.


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