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Is your landlord looking out for your protection?

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Living in an apartment building or complex has its good and bad points. Of course, one negative is that you may have to deal with noise, trash and lack of consideration from your neighbors. Parking may be a challenge, and using the communal laundry facilities may be frustrating.

However, it’s nice to know you can call the landlord or building owner if something breaks or you have an emergency. A good landlord will take care of things promptly and work to provide a comfortable place for his or her tenants. A large part of that comfort includes feeling safe in and around the building.

Simple ways to keep an apartment safe

The last thing you want is to feel vulnerable to assault or attack in your own home. Your landlord can make great strides to prevent such an event by taking the most basic precautions to ensure your safety. The first step is to keep out any predators who may do you harm. Doors and windows go a long way to building a barrier between you and an unwanted visitor if they have the following features:

  • Solid construction, such as heavy wood or steel, with no glass panes
  • Deadbolt locks on the building entrance and your unit’s front and back doors
  • Chain locks on the doors of your unit
  • A wide-angle peephole
  • An intercom system on the building’s door so tenants can communicate with visitors before allowing them in the building
  • Clear areas around the entrances to eliminate places for potential assailants to hide
  • Security cameras at all entrances and exits, as well as other common areas
  • An alarm system that gives you the option of paying the fee to activate it in your unit
  • Windows with working locks and, for apartments on lower floors, security bars

If the lighting is inadequate in the parking area, around the outside of the building, or in the halls and stairwells, you may wish to bring this to the attention of your landlord as soon as possible. Dark areas are attractive to predators, and you are not being overly cautious to request updated lighting.

Being proactive about your safety

A dedicated landlord should also take the time to carefully screen those who apply to be tenants. Background checks may reduce the amount of crime in your building and the number of unsavory visitors certain tenants may have.

Your safety and well-being are important, and if your landlord or building owner has not taken the proper precautions to protect you, you may have cause to hold him or her responsible for any physical or emotional injury you suffer at the hands of an intruder.


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