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Accused of cultivating drugs? You need a strong defense.

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Manufacturing drugs, also known as cultivating drugs, is illegal in Georgia. Manufacturing refers to taking part in the process of producing illicit drugs, such as selling precursor chemicals or specialized equipment. You may even face a criminal charge simply for offering to assist in producing illegal drugs.

If the authorities have accused you of cultivating drugs, you naturally may feel uneasy about how this type of criminal charge will affect your future. For instance, time behind bars and a fine are a real possibility if you end up with a drug conviction. Fortunately, you have the right to fight such a charge with the goal of preserving your reputation and your freedom.

Drug cultivating conviction

Before you can face a drug cultivation conviction, the government must be able to prove that you intended to manufacture drugs and that you possessed drugs.

For instance, perhaps authorities found a box of pseudoephedrine in your car. This is now a banned substance but was a cold medication at one time. The mere presence of the substance in your car is not sufficient evidence for the government to prosecute you for a drug manufacturing crime. However, if authorities also found lab equipment commonly used for cooking meth, this may establish the necessary probable cause for police to arrest you.

Drug manufacture defense

If police reportedly found you with chemicals often associated with cultivating drugs, you have a couple of options for defending yourself. For instance, perhaps you have received authorization or attained a permit to possess these items. A pharmacist would fall underneath this category, for example. In addition, certain industrial supplies that are regularly used to produce illegal drugs might also have permissible uses requiring a permit.

How to ensure you have the best defense possible

If authorities claim that you have been cultivating drugs, you can proceed to trial to fight the charge. The prosecution has to prove each element of your charge beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can happen. This standard is in place in an effort to keep innocent individuals from facing convictions and related punishments.

Rather than going to trial, however, you may decide to seek to negotiate a plea agreement. This may lead to a favorable resolution without the risk of a jury trial. Either way, a qualified attorney will push for the best outcome for you considering the facts of your drug case.


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