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Distracted driving poses a considerable risk to travelers

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Distraction happens many times during the course of the day. One minute, you may have your focus on your work, only to realize that you have begun thinking about what to have for lunch. While common, distraction can prove immensely dangerous under certain circumstances, especially while driving.

You may already know some issues that can lead to distracted driving, like daydreaming or using a cell phone. However, these are only two of a vast number of factors that could cause your mind and the minds of other drivers to lose focus on driving.

Your passengers

As a parent, you likely know that your kids can get a bit rambunctious in the back seat. You may even find yourself checking your mirrors or even turning your head to see what problems may have cropped up. However, did you know that kids can act as a considerable distraction for drivers? These young vehicle occupants pose a four-times-greater risk of distraction than adult passengers.

Don’t forget about non-human passengers. Rather than having human kids, you may consider yourself a pet parent and take your beloved pooch with you whenever you can. Though you may love your dog, having it at as passenger can also distract you, especially if you do not keep it properly restrained.

Your loves and hates

Your emotions can also have a substantial impact on the way you drive. You may find yourself in a good mood, cranking music as you head down the road. However, loud music can cause distraction, and even an uplifting mood may have your mind drifting.

On a similar note, a sour mood can also considerably impact your driving. If you feel angry or sad, you may increase your chances of getting in a car accident. This increase may come about due to you placing more focus on the way you feel and potentially allowing your emotions to control your actions, which may have you driving more recklessly than you normally would. Therefore, no matter how you feel overall, you may want to ensure that you feel calm before getting behind the wheel.

Distracted drivers

Even if you do your best to refrain from becoming distracted by common and uncommon factors, you may still have serious risk of an accident due to other drivers. If a distracted driver does cause an accident that leaves you seriously injured, you may want to explore your legal options for seeking compensation for damages allowable under Georgia state law.


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