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A couple of tools can help you to prove fault in vehicle crash

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Experiencing a car wreck can understandably be frightening. At the same time, the car crash may make you feel frustrated if it stemmed from another motorist’s careless driving.

If someone else’s negligence on the road has resulted in serious injuries to you, you have the right to seek justice in a Georgia civil court. Here is a glimpse at a couple of tools you can use to strengthen your court case and thus increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.

The benefit of police reports

Authorities typically arrive at car wreck scenes if people have suffered injuries in the wrecks. Once an officer gets to your collision scene and discusses the details of the crash with you, along with your injuries, the officer will produce an accident report for you. While at the scene, it may behoove you to ask the police how you should go about securing the report following its filing.

Police reports are powerful tools in personal injury cases because they typically offer helpful evidence concerning liability. As an example, the report that your responding officer puts together for you might include his or her impression that the motorist who hit you was driving too quickly for road conditions. This opinion might be based on the police officer’s observation of the lengths of the other party’s skid marks at the crash scene, for example. The officer may also note whether he or she had to issue any moving violation citations following the wreck.

The benefit of state laws

Traffic regulations in Georgia might also support your claim that the driver who hit you caused your injuries. For example, you may be able to use a law concerning left turns if the other person injured you due to not yielding to you when attempting to turn left onto another street. An attorney can assist you in determining which law can help you in your particular accident case.

To succeed in your personal injury claim, you must be able to establish liability before the court hearing the case in Georgia. Once this happens, the court will decide financial damage claims. A successfully fought claim might result in damages that may be helpful for addressing your hospital bills and lost wages as well as other losses associated with the car crash.


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