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Extra caution needed at Georgia intersections

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Every time you get behind the wheel to drive on a Georgia roadway, there’s a certain amount of risk involved. You may be a cautious driver who adheres to traffic regulations. However, there’s no guarantee that those with whom you share the road at a given point in time will have safe driving habits. Some sections of road are typically more dangerous than others, such as intersections.

Marked and unmarked intersections are throughout the state. When you arrive at a crossroad, there may be one or more other vehicles there as well. There might also be pedestrians in the area, such as people crossing the street, children playing nearby or bicyclists. The presence of pedestrians increases the risk for collision.

Taking precautions at intersections improves safety

If you’re at an intersection and it seems unclear who has the right-of-way, it’s always best to yield to avoid a potential collision. There are several additional precautionary measures you can take to help keep yourself and your passengers safe. 

For instance, just because you have a green light doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to proceed. It’s better to pause and carefully scan your surroundings in all directions to make sure nothing is obstructing your path. If you’re navigating a turn, it’s safest to do so at a low speed. It’s also good to keep in mind that stationary objects such as parked vehicles or trees can obstruct your vision.

Distracted drivers often cause intersection collisions

Distracted drivers are a menace to Georgia roadways. If you are preparing to enter an intersection and have the right-of-way to do so, and a driver looking down at a cell phone blows through a stop sign, disaster may occur. Some drivers are reckless, such as those who increase speed to try to beat a yellow light before it turns red.

The force of impact in an intersection collision often results in fatal injuries. If you survive a crash, your recovery may take weeks, even months. You might have to take time off work. If your injuries are severe, you might need surgery or physical therapy to help achieve as full a recovery as possible.

Who pays all the medical bills?

As a licensed driver, your responsibility at an intersection or elsewhere on the road is to remain alert and adhere to safety regulations and state traffic laws. If another person’s negligence causes a collision that results in injuries, a recovering victim may seek restitution in a civil court.

One can use court-awarded compensation to cover medical bills or other accident-related expenses.


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