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Three fast facts about car crashes and traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents are common around Atlanta, and many are minor incidents that delay drivers from getting to their destinations. As modern vehicles are well-equipped with safety features to protect drivers and passengers, serious injuries do not occur in all roadway collisions. However, in some cases motor vehicles collide under the most catastrophic conditions and result in grievous injuries to those involved.

One of the most serious forms of personal injury that individuals can suffer in motor vehicles accidents is traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI. This post will discuss how TBI happens during vehicle crashes and the long-term and costly effects victims of TBI can experience. Because of the often high costs of treating and living with TBI that victims incur from accidents, many choose to pursue their losses through litigation based on their damages.

Fact #1: An injury to the brain can affect the entire body.

There are different ways that TBI can occur. One way that they can happen during a violent motor vehicle crash is through a blow to the head. When a person’s body is thrown around their vehicle, they may hit their head on their dashboard, door or other hard surface. The impact of their head hitting the surface can cause a serious injury to their brain.

The other way that TBI can occur is through a penetration. When it projectile enters the skull and hits the brain, the injury can result in severe damage to the brain. When a person suffers a TBI either through impact or penetration, their injury can impact their movement, balance, memory, and other bodily systems.

Fact #2: Not all TBI are noticeable right after accidents.

The symptoms of TBI can vary greatly, and not all victims of TBI know the full extent of their injuries immediately after their collisions. When a person suffers an injury to their head, they should seek medical help even if there are no apparent lacerations, contusions, or cognitive issues. Their TBI may not manifest immediately, and they may have unknowingly suffered a serious injury that has not shown its symptoms.

Fact #3: Not all TBI victims fully recover from their injuries.

Like victims of other serious injuries, such as burns and spinal cord injuries, TBI victims do not always fully recover from their motor vehicle accidents. They may suffer the effects of their injuries for years or even the rest of their lives. When a person must live with the long-term effects of a serious injury to their brain, they should know they may have legal options. If their losses were caused by the actions of others, litigation may offer the victim a means to secure compensation for their damages.



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