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What needs to occur for people to commit wire fraud?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

People in Atlanta probably have read about or heard about different high-profile, white-collar crimes. These typically involve high-powered individuals within major companies accused of defrauding people out of money. This can be done in a variety of ways, but many times, people accused in these situations have wire fraud charges against them. Sometimes they are even accused of multiple counts of wire fraud.

Wire fraud can result in significant jail sentences and fines, but people may not completely understand what it means to commit wire fraud. It can encompass many different actions, but to be convicted of the crime, prosecutors must prove certain elements.

Elements of wire fraud charges

Those elements are:

  • The accused must use a scheme to defraud others.
  • The accused must misrepresent facts or leave important information out when dealing with other people.
  • The scheme results in others losing money or property.
  • The accused uses interstate wiring, which includes most electronic transactions or communication, to further the scheme.

Wire fraud can certainly take many different forms, but there are also potential defenses to the charges. It is also not a crime to seek investments from potential investors for a potential business venture. This is true even if the business does not work out. Not all businesses work out, but people do not necessarily commit wire fraud simply because the business fails.

Wire fraud is a charge that is common for many white-collar crimes in Atlanta. Like any other crime, people are innocent until proven guilty. After the charges are filed, people have to go through the criminal justice process and they may have defenses available to them. These can be very complicated matters. Experienced attorneys understand the complexities and may be able to help protect people’s rights.


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