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Atlanta Business Officer Fraud Lawyers

In any Georgia corporation, the directors and officers are required to put the interests of the company and its shareholders above their own private interests. If a corporate director or officer fails in this duty, he or she can be held liable for damages. Claims of business director and officer fraud may be brought by clients, customers, shareholders, employees and other injured parties.

At Garland, Samuel & Loeb in Georgia, our Atlanta business officer fraud attorneys represent individuals and corporations on both sides of such litigation. We are highly experienced in taking cases to trial and maintain a nationwide reputation for effective advocacy on behalf of our clients’ interests.

Examples of Director and Officer Liability Claims

Directors and officers (D & O) claims can involve many different legal issues and business disputes, including allegations of errors and omissions, false or misleading statements or misappropriation of assets. Examples of potential D & O claims include:

  • Shareholders claiming that a director held back important facts about the company’s condition that would have precipitated a sale of stock.
  • A business executive claiming that he or she suffered wrongful termination.
  • Employees and inventors claiming intellectual property rights violations.
  • Creditors filing claims against the corporation for nonpayment.
  • A director or officer filing a claim for fraud against another director or officer.
  • A director or officer allowing a conflict of interest to the disadvantage of shareholders.
  • Minority shareholders claiming that the company officers took actions that only benefited majority shareholders.

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We believe all of our clients deserve nothing less than full protection of their rights and interests. From a free initial consultation to favorable settlement or verdict in court, our commitment to resolving director and officer liability disputes means our experienced attorneys will stand beside you until the job is done.

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