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Atlanta Whistleblower Lawyers

Originally enacted by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, the federal False Claims Act allows private U.S. citizens to “blow the whistle” and inform upon government contractors who are overcharging and defrauding the government. In return for reporting such fraud, the government awards money to the citizen. Beyond obtaining a reward, however, whistleblower actions allow U.S. taxpayers a chance to help right wrongs that affect their country.

At the Georgia law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb, our experienced Atlanta whistleblower attorneys can assist you through the legal process of reporting fraud to the Department of Justice. We work hard to maintain our clients’ confidentiality as we file whistleblower lawsuits, protecting individuals from undue retaliation as we diligently pursue the maximum financial awards possible for them.

Qui Tam Provisions for Private Citizens

The False Claims Act contains provisions called “qui tam,” which are designed to protect U.S. taxpayers. A private citizen may file a qui tam lawsuit or whistleblower action if he or she has reasonable evidence to believe that a government contractor or other entity is:

  • Grossly mismanaging or wasting government funds or assets
  • Presenting a specific, significant danger to public safety
  • Violating state or federal laws and regulations
  • Abusing his or her position of authority
  • Committing fraud against the government, including health care fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, tax fraud, TARP funds fraud, contract fraud and much more

If the government chooses to intervene as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, the whistleblower is usually awarded 15 to 20 percent of the money the government recovers.

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