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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Atlanta criminal defense attorneys at Garland, Samuel & Loeb are among the most accomplished criminal defense attorneys in the southeastern United States. Our firm’s founder, Reuben Garland, gained fame for defending the man accused of bombing The Temple on October 12, 1958.

Don Samuel and Ed Garland, two of the firm’s partners, successfully represented Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, who was indicted for a double homicide on Super Bowl Sunday in Atlanta. Midway through his 2001 trial, all murder charges against him were dropped. The firm also represented Jim Williams, the protagonist in the nonfiction book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, who was acquitted of murder in his fourth trial.

Since its inception, Garland, Samuel & Loeb has displayed a commitment to vigorously defending those accused of serious crimes. The firm’s founder, Reuben Garland, traveled the back roads of Georgia, defending both white and African-American clients, often saving the latter from “mob justice.” To this day, the lawyers of Garland, Samuel & Loeb strongly adhere to their commitment to tenacious advocacy.


Our criminal law practice includes the following felony and misdemeanor charges:

  • White collar offenses: Deceptive business practices, fraud, accounting fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, identity theft, tax fraud, health care fraud, corporate officer fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, computer crimes, RICO, officer liability or fraud, extortion, money laundering, currency transaction reporting, tax evasion, check fraud, insider trading and more
  • Violent offenses: Assault, murder, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, domestic violence and more
  • Drug offenses: Conspiracy, possession, distribution, trafficking, importation and manufacturing of marijuana, crack cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, MDMA (ecstasy), GHB, ketamine, prescription drugs and more
  • Sex offenses: Rape, statutory rape, child molestation, child pornography, soliciting a minor, sexual assault, sodomy, sexual battery, public indecency, Internet/computer sex crimes, prostitution, pimping, distribution of obscenity, sexual exploitation of children and more
  • Federal chargesFirearm offenses, drug offenses, antitrust, white collar offenses, fraud, money laundering, Internet sex crimes, child pornography, arson, bank robbery, bribery, carjacking, civil rights offenses, conspiracy, counterfeiting, currency transaction reporting and structuring, explosives, interstate crimes, immigration offenses, impersonating a federal officer, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, perjury, RICO and more
  • Appeals and habeas corpus: Cases related to criminal convictions

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