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Serious Defense For Serious Felony Drug Charges

Georgia has some of the toughest drug crime laws. Many offenses that may be considered misdemeanors in other states are felonies in Georgia, and some include mandatory minimum penalties.

Such serious prosecution requires equally serious and knowledgeable drug defense. The Atlanta lawyers at Garland, Samuel & Loeb have defended both “ordinary” and “high-profile” defendants accused of serious drug crimes for more than 70 years. We are undaunted by the challenges often present in felony drug cases, and we use our resources, experience and commitment to ethical representation to defend our clients’ rights and interests.

Georgia Takes Drug Possession Seriously

Unlike many states, which consider possession of illegal drugs in small amounts as misdemeanors, Georgia treats almost all drug possessions as felonies. The only exception is for marijuana possession, and even then, having more than one ounce of cannabis is considered a felony.

The type of drug and amount will determine what penalties someone charged with felony drug possession faces. In general, though, those charged with felony possession face:

  • One to 15 years in prison for Schedule III, IV and V drugs (most steroids, Xanax, Valium and other psychological drug or low-level painkillers)
  • Two to 15 years in prison for Schedule I (heroin, LSD, cannabis, Ecstasy, etc.) and II (most opioids like oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, opium or codeine) drugs
  • One to 10 years in prison for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana

Additional penalties include high fines and the mandatory suspension of your driver’s license for six months. Subsequent offenses only increase all of these penalties, as does being caught near a school with illegal drugs.

Federal Drug Trafficking or Manufacturing

Moving illegal or controlled substances across state lines constitutes drug trafficking, a felony in the state of Georgia and also a federal offense. This includes bringing marijuana legally obtained in another state into Georgia, where cannabis is still illegal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Similarly, growing marijuana plants or manufacturing illegal substances are also considered federal drug charges.

As with felony drug possession charges, the penalties for drug manufacture or trafficking varies depending on the type of drug and amount in question. Unlike possession charges, however, these offenses are subject to the federal government’s mandatory minimum penalties, which often start at five years minimum in federal prison and can reach into millions of dollars in fines.

Contact A Skilled Felony Drug Defense Attorney

With so much at stake, you want a legal team that understands how to manage the complexities of a felony drug crime. Our attorneys have taken on some of the toughest felony cases and won. (Review our Cases and News section for details). To contact our Atlanta-based law firm, call 404-975-0459 or toll free at 877-650-0825. You may also complete our online intake form.