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Firearm Offenses

A federal weapons offense charge requires experienced representation. The criminal defense attorney needs to know how to defend these complex charges and how different courts may handle a case. The lawyers of Garland, Samuel & Loeb have provided criminal defense representation for people throughout Georgia and the rest of the United States for over two decades. We are prepared to take any federal case to trial, including weapons offenses.

If you have been charged with gun crime, we are ready to defend you and your reputation. Contact a gun crimes attorney at our Atlanta firm online, or call us now at 404-975-0459.

Handling Many Types of Weapons Charges

Most Georgia weapons offenses are charged because other criminal conduct is alleged to have been committed using a weapon such as a gun, knife or blunt object that may be considered a weapon. We handle state and federal weapons charges involving:

  • Intent to commit a crime
  • Concealed weapons
  • Stolen weapons
  • Unlicensed weapons
  • Failure to register a firearm
  • Illegal sawed-off shotguns, automatic weapons, silencers and more
  • Unlawful weapons sales or trafficking
  • Buying weapons for someone else (straw purchase)
  • Possession or use on federal property
  • Possession by a convicted felon

Convictions on weapons charges mean harsh penalties that may include large fines, probation, and jail time or prison time. Using a weapon to commit a crime or having a previous felony conviction automatically increases a charge to a felony, with even greater penalties.

Seek Qualified Criminal Defense Representation

Effective defense in federal court for weapons offenses and other federal charges is where the attorneys of Garland, Samuel & Loeb have been successful in numerous cases throughout the United States. We are prepared to take your case to trial when aggressive negotiation is not an alternative. Read about our successes on our Cases page. Contact our firm today at 404-975-0459 or complete our online contact form.