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White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys

Skilled Representation for White Collar Crimes

Allegations of financial crime and other white collar offenses can be deeply damaging to your personal freedom, your business and your career. If you have been charged with fraud or another white collar offense, or if you believe you are under investigation for such a charge, consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Carefully limit any communication with investigators or police made without counsel present, as everything you say may be later used against you.

Obtaining legal representation early on by an Atlanta white collar crime defense lawyer at Garland, Samuel & Loeb can make a crucial difference in the outcome of these complex cases. Our firm’s 70 years of experience handling felony criminal cases and our history of success can prove a vital resource when you are accused of federal white collar crimes involving:

Defending Against Federal White Collar Charges

Whether you believe you may be under investigation for insider trading or you have been charged with tax fraud by the IRS, being charged under federal law means you will likely be facing felony charges and powerful prosecution by the U.S. government. Your defense counsel needs to be experienced and able to develop a sophisticated defense strategy for you.

Our firm has extensive experience representing a wide range of clients accused of white collar felonies throughout the country, including several high-profile cases. Visit our Cases page to read about our federal white collar court victories.

Consult Our Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Don’t take chances with your freedom. We have developed a well-earned reputation for success facing a formidable opponent like the federal government in felony white collar defense. Call Garland, Samuel & Loeb at 404-975-0459 or toll free at 877-650-0825, or contact us via email today for a free initial consultation.