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Insider Trading Attorneys in Atlanta

Trading based on knowledge of information not available to the public is a very serious federal crime, punishable by a lengthy prison sentence. Prosecutors do not hesitate seeking maximum penalties in such cases. Those persons accused of insider trading may also face civil suits from shareholders or other parties who were adversely affected by the trades in question.

Often, people in jeopardy can avoid indictment or limit the threat of criminal penalties and civil liability by taking prompt action. If you are under investigation or you have been contacted by a federal investigator, you should obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Contact Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C., for a free consultation about an insider trading case.

Skilled and Determined Federal Defense Lawyers

Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.C., is a team of criminal defense attorneys with experience in cases involving insider trading, wire fraud and other white collar offenses. We vigorously defend executives of publicly held corporations, investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and other people who are charged or implicated in insider trading schemes. Our law firm will defend your rights and freedom at all times.

Defending People Accused of Insider Trading

When you retain us to represent you, our first task will be to determine what stage the investigation is at: that is, whether the SEC is making an initial inquiry or it has issued a Formal Issue of Investigation. Based on that determination, we will then develop an appropriate defense strategy. We may be able to help you avoid criminal or civil sanctions entirely by cooperating with the SEC. Our attorneys could recommend that you decline to cooperate with the SEC, and then begin preparing for trial. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we will thoroughly explain the factual and legal issues, so that you can make an informed decision.

Few insider trading cases actually involve direct evidence. Rather, prosecutors often use circumstantial evidence in an attempt to convict. By successfully challenging the key elements of the case, we may be able to obtain a positive outcome.

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