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Atlanta Investment Fraud Lawyer

In the aftermath of Bernie Madoff’s conviction for operating a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, it’s not unusual for investment fund managers to attract the attention of federal prosecutors. Investment fraud is often a high-profile crime that can garner significant publicity and result in significant jail terms. Our lawyers understand the negative impact such publicity can have on someone charged with investment fraud. Our lawyers understand the need to use every effort to keep these cases out of the public eye.

Our lawyers handle large-scale investment fraud cases, including Ponzi and multilevel marketing (pyramid) schemes. The criminal defense lawyers at Garland, Samuel & Loeb, through their hard work defending people in Georgia and throughout the southeastern United States in fraud cases, have developed an unparalleled reputation for positive results, ethical representation and personalized service.

Today, many Ponzi-type crimes are investment-related and often solicit investors from religious groups, the elderly and others who may be considered vulnerable. Since the severity of punishment is related to the amount of money alleged to be taken, the consequences can be extremely serious as the amounts of money involved go up. Many investment fraud cases are tried in federal court, where the potential prison sentences may be higher than in state court.

Having successfully handled many federal crimes cases, our trial lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle challenging investment fraud cases throughout the United States. Our goal in any fraud case is to persuade prosecutors not to charge our client with a crime, or to charge our client with a less serious crime. Our reputation for ethical representation often carries great weight when negotiating with both state and federal authorities.

Ponzi Scheme Defense Attorneys

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