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City settles with elderly couple in trip-and-fall case

Many pedestrians in Atlanta consider city sidewalks to be safe places for them to walk. If the sidewalk is located on a publicly owned piece of property, it is the responsibility of the city to maintain it. This maintenance should be taken care of in a timely manner in order to reduce the risk of citizens becoming injured.

1 dead after wrong way driver causes 6-vehicle accident

When drivers take the wheel in Atlanta, they need to realize that a lot of responsibility sits on their shoulders. An automobile is, after all, a potentially dangerous piece of equipment. When operated carelessly, serious consequences, including death and disability, can occur. Just one bad or impaired driver has the potential to adversely affect so many lives. This is why it is so important for drivers to be vigilant while operating a motor vehicle and ensure that they have all their faculties about them while driving.

Users of popular prescription drug sue after developing diabetes

The practice of using prescription drugs aimed at healing and managing illnesses and conditions in Atlanta is not uncommon. When consumers begin taking a prescription medicine, they may be lulled into a false sense of security simply by the popularity of the drug. Many believe that it stands to reason that if a large number of people are using the drug, it must be safe.

High school student dies after car accident in Georgia

Operating a vehicle in Atlanta is nothing to take lightly. It is a big responsibility that needs to be treated as such. It can be easy to get complacent about your driving abilities and fail to take it seriously, but doing so can lead to serious, even fatal consequences.

Parents sue hospital for death of son

When a parent takes his or her child to a hospital in Atlanta for treatment, they expect that the child will be taken care of and protected from harmful bacteria and contagious diseases. Unfortunately, hospitals are sometimes notorious for being places where people become sick with an illness they picked up at the hospital. However, hospitals need to do everything in their power to provide as safe a place as possible.

Man suffers injuries on crumbling sidewalk; sues city

In the city of Atlanta, home and business owners are responsible for keeping their property in good repair and in reasonably safe condition. This includes making sure that sidewalks and driveways where the general public walk are free from defects and potential hazardous conditions. If a person should trip and fall or have an accident on the property because of a safety hazard, the owner may be held liable for that person's injuries. This is also true of property owned by the city of Atlanta. In events where people hurt themselves on city property and the city is found to have been negligent, those people may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Woman burned by defective heating pad sues manufacturer

When a product manufacturer puts something on the shelf for a consumer to purchase in Fulton County, Georgia they are responsible for ensuring that product is safe. If it is not, and a consumer becomes injured or dies as a result, the manufacturer can be held liable.

Woman sues makers of NuvaRing after developing pulmonary embolism

Atlanta residents rely on prescription package inserts for information about the drug that they will be taking. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration regulates what kind of information is required to be on the inserts. This typically includes sections related to what the drug is used for, warnings and side effects, when the drug should not be used and precautions. This is done in order to educate the person taking the medication about what he or she may expect.

Drunk Atlanta public works employee causes fatal accident

Driving drunk in Atlanta is bad enough, but when a person is a repeat offender, that crosses the line into sheer reckless behavior. Each time a person is convicted of a DUI in Georgia, the penalties get stiffer and stiffer. This is done in order to try to get people to think about the consequences of drinking and driving. Although the consequences can be severe for repeat DUI offenders, there are some that never seem to learn. This can be hard for those who are injured as a result of a drunk driver to accept.

Mother blames doctors, hospital for death of baby

When a mother goes into labor in Atlanta, it is the duty of her doctors and hospital staff to ensure that her health and the health of her unborn baby are properly monitored. Because numerous problems can arise during the labor process, careful monitoring can catch any problems before they become emergencies and steps can be taken to correct them.

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