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Class Action Lawyers in Atlanta

When negligence by pharmaceutical companies, consumer product makers, financial firms and other corporations results in injury or death to innocent people, or spells economic disaster in commercial matters, class action lawsuits can offer justice and provide relief to victims sharing a collective interest in holding these companies accountable for their actions. Class actions are generally filed when there are a large number of potential plaintiffs spread across many jurisdictions.

If you believe you may have a shared claim against a negligent party for a personal injury or business litigation concern in either state or federal court, the class action lawyers at the highly-respected Atlanta law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb are ready to represent your interests. Contact us to learn more.

Starting or Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

In a product liability class action due to a defective drug for example, a class proponent who was injured by the drug will initiate a lawsuit against the drug company on behalf of others who may have also been similarly harmed. Others victims may then join the class action against the negligent drug maker.

In general, class actions often involve:

  • Statutory violations involving state and federal laws granting consumers specific rights
  • Mass torts, injuring hundreds of people across many states
  • Breaches of contract by companies for business practices prohibited by a contractual obligation
  • Fraud intentionally committed to deceive consumers by withholding information or failing to provide goods or services as expressed
  • Charging illegal fees that are deceptive or not allowed under the law

A Sincere Commitment to Protecting Your Rights under the Law

Our goal in every class action is to help our clients recover the full benefit they were due or to compensate them for injuries they have suffered. The decision to join or file a class action or pursue an individual lawsuit involves many complex issues. Our attorneys offer experience handling both types of claims and can advise clients on which option will best meet their legal and personal goals.

Contact Garland, Samuel & Loeb today to discuss how we can assist you in seeking justice and fair compensation in a class action lawsuit.