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Defective Consumer Products Lawyers

Every year, thousands of people suffer serious injuries because of dangerous or defective consumer products. If you have been injured by a product, you may have a right to seek compensation.

The Atlanta personal injury lawyers of Garland, Samuel & Loeb take product safety very seriously. We hold manufacturers accountable when their negligence injures or kills unsuspecting consumers.

Injured by a consumer product? Schedule a free initial consultation by calling the product liability attorneys of Garland, Samuel & Loeb at 404-975-0459 or toll free at 877-650-0825.

Product Liability and Consumer Products

The companies that make, market and distribute products to the public have a responsibility to protect people from injuries due to defective design or manufacturing. If the dangers cannot be designed out of the product, then consumers must be warned of the risk of injury or death. This area of law is known as product liability.

Examples of dangerous or defective consumer products include:

  • Children’s toys containing lead or small parts that present a choking hazard
  • Blinds with cords that present a choking hazard to children
  • Bedding or clothing that is highly flammable or emits toxic fumes when burned
  • Ladders that are unstable or prone to collapse
  • Hair care and other beauty products that contain harsh chemicals that cause injury
  • Fans and other appliances that create a fire risk
  • Power tools that are unreasonably dangerous

If you have been injured by any type of consumer product, it’s important to save the item as it is potential evidence in your case. Our lawyers offer a free case evaluation to determine if the manufacturer is liable for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact Our Defective Product Attorneys

For more information about your rights if you are injured, contact our defective consumer products attorneys in Atlanta. We charge no fees unless we obtain compensation for you.