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Compensating Those Injured by Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions in the Atlanta area. Teenagers text while driving. Truck drivers use laptops and cellphone apps to log information. Many drivers use handheld cellphones. The result is an increasing number of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

At Garland, Samuel & Loeb in Atlanta, our lawyers represent people in all types of vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. We are known throughout Georgia and the nation for the results we have obtained in negotiations and at trial. Call 404-975-0459 for a free initial consultation.

Was the Driver Distracted by Cellphone Use?

Most distracted driver accidents involve cellphone use. It’s illegal to text while driving in Georgia. That fact has not stopped the practice. Use of handheld cellphones is illegal for novice drivers and bus drivers. Yet every day in the Atlanta metro area, you can see teenage drivers violating this law. While it is not illegal for most drivers to use handheld cellphones in Georgia, it can still be an important factor in determining liability for an accident. Jurors do not like it when people cause serious accidents because they were distracted by a cellphone.

When our lawyers represent you, we will make a full investigation of the sequence of events leading to the accident to document the liability of the driver. Cellphone records will show whether the driver was using his or her cellphone at the time of the accident.

Once we establish liability, we will work with your doctor or other medical specialists to identify your current and future medical needs. Our law firm will make a full accounting of all losses for inclusion in your claim, including medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Call Now if You Have Been Injured by a Distracted Driver

If you have been in an accident caused by a distracted driver, call our attorneys at 404-975-0459, toll free at 877-650-0825, or contact us via email. We charge no fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for you.