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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire an Attorney

Many people delay contacting an attorney after an accident based on the hope they can resolve the case themselves. Unfortunately, attempting to negotiate with an insurance company can be costly. By the time you realize you need an attorney’s help, you may have already said or done things that will damage your case.

At the law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb in Atlanta, we offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights and answer your questions if you have been injured in an accident. Call 404-975-0459. There is no obligation to hire us after the consultation.

Four Reasons to Contact an Attorney Right Away

Here are four reasons you shouldn’t wait to contact an attorney.

  1. An attorney will speak to the insurance company for you. If you make a recorded statement without legal advice, you may say things that will damage your case. In fact, the insurance company is counting on it.
  2. An attorney will ensure you receive proper medical care. If you attempt to tough out an injury, you could end up with chronic pain and disability. You would also lack the medical documentation you need to prove you were injured.
  3. An attorney will ensure you receive a fair amount. Insurance companies often make lowball offers in the hope that injured people will settle cheaply.
  4. An attorney can try your case. If the insurance company does not offer a fair amount, our lawyers can try the case in court.

Our lawyers are known throughout Georgia and the nation for the results we have obtained for clients in negotiations and at trial.

Call Now for a Free Consultation

There is no cost or obligation to discuss your case with a lawyer at our firm. Call 404-975-0459, toll free at 877-650-0825, or contact us via email. We charge no fees unless we recover compensation for you.