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Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyer

Protecting the Interests of Brain Damage Injury Victims

Brain injuries are extremely serious and should not be taken lightly. Even a seemingly minor head injury suffered in a car accident or a fall can result in a concussion or bruising of the brain. These types of injuries can have severe long-term side effects, including vertigo, motor skill impairments, memory loss and others.

If you have suffered any type of serious brain injury, it is important that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side who understands the complexities of these types of injuries and can properly handle your case. At the law firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb, our Atlanta brain injury attorneys represent clients throughout Georgia in a broad range of brain injury cases.

Seeking the Best Possible Outcome in Your Brain Injury Case

These types of cases can be very complex because the full extent of a brain injury may not be known for several weeks after the initial accident. Our experience in these matters allows us to be much more proactive in requesting the right medical tests to gain the best possible understanding of your injuries.

When you hire our team, we will draw on our extensive background in brain injury cases to seek the right compensation and medical treatment to help you back to health in the most expedient manner possible. We always work to negotiate a favorable settlement in every case, but we are fully prepared to go to trial if the insurance company will not make a fair offer.

Call for a Free Initial Consultation

Contact our office today to discuss your brain injury case. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment at other times. You can reach us by phone at 404-975-0459, toll free at 877-650-0825 or via e-mail to schedule your initial consultation.