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Wrongful Death Attorneys

Caring Lawyers Handling Wrongful Death Claims

Dealing with the death of a close family member after an accident is a challenging enough time without attempting to decide if there may be a potential wrongful death claim. Grieving families who face serious financial problems on top of their emotional distress need a legal advocate who understands the magnitude of the loss they suffered and are able to translate that understanding into a viable wrongful death claim.

At Garland, Samuel & Loeb, we protect our client’s interests when bringing a wrongful death claim. Our experienced attorneys serving families throughout Georgia are ready to handle your legal concerns, allowing you to focus your attention on the healing process. Contact us to discuss how we can help ease your burden.

Handling Personal Injury and Wrongful Death under Georgia Law

Wrongful death claims under Georgia law involve complex issues of valuation, from the pure economics of lost earnings to intangibles such as the loss of companionship and the family’s reduced quality of life. In addition, a decedent’s estate also has a right to recover compensation for medical and funeral costs, insurance claims and other possible damages depending on the details of the case.

From careful investigation into a fatal accident to an evaluation of the injuries that lead to death, we have the background and resources to help determine liability and quantify economic loss in wrongful death cases involving:

  • Medical malpractice – Hospital Negligence, Surgical Mistakes, Failure to Diagnose, Birthing Errors and more
  • Automobile accidents – Car Crashes, Truck Wrecks, Motorcycle Accidents and other Vehicle Collisions
  • Defective products – Medications, Consumer Goods, Auto Parts, Tools or Equipment, and many others
  • Premises liability – Nursing Home Negligence and more

We Develop Relationships Built on Trust and Respect

While there are many Atlanta, Georgia, firms with lawyers who handle fatal accident claims, it is important to choose one with the competence to handle a case and one who knows the value of establishing a comfortable working relationship based on respect and attention.